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New Pentecost: Pope Francis plans synodal shake-up

The next synod of bishops gathering in Rome has been postponed until 2023 so that an unprecedented consultation of Catholics can take place first.

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In October, Pope Francis will open a three-year synodal journey with three phases (diocesan, continental, universal) of consultations and discernment, culminating with the assembly in October 2023 in Rome.

Cardinal Grech: Transformation of Synod to create space for People of God

Cardinal Mario Grech

Cardinal Mario Grech, the General Secretary for the Synod of Bishops, explores the new synodal process, saying the changes were made so that “every voice might be heard, the decision-making process in the Church always begins with listening… because only in this way can we understand how and where the Spirit wants to lead the Church.”

Synod of Bishops will begin in the local Churches