Nobody Believes God is a Magical Old Man with a Beard in the Clouds

“Immanent and transcendent” means God is in the world, and at the same time the world is in God. Consider this from Myers New Testament Commentary on Acts 17:28: Paul views God under the point of view of His immanence as the element in which we live, etc.; and man in such intimate connection with God, that he is constantly surrounded by the Godhead and embraced in its essential influence, but, apart from the Godhead, could neither live, nor move, nor exist. That’s a complex understanding of God. This is the traditional Christian view. The magical old man with a beard in the clouds is nowhere to be found. Seriously, “AA”s. Nobody. Believes. That. Nobody.
Jack Preston King, Aug 31 · 9 min read:
Quelle: Nobody Believes God is a Magical Old Man with a Beard in the Clouds

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